Maryland Business Innovation Association

About Us

The Maryland Business Innovation Association (MBIA) was founded in 2002 to advance business incubation in Maryland.

Today, MBIA has evolved to bring support to the entire ecosystem. With a membership comprising of 25 influential entities, MBIA's impact resonates across Maryland's diverse landscape, reaching urban and rural spaces alike. Since its inception, through our membership base, MBIA has supported over 550 dynamic companies and our members have supported organizations that have generated over 12,000 jobs, making it equivalent to one of the state’s largest employers.

Our members serve as vibrant hubs of innovation, fostering a fertile environment where ambitious ideas take root and flourish. MBIA's influence extends beyond economic metrics, rather it has worked at positioning itself as a cornerstone of Maryland's entrepreneurial ecosystem and a catalyst for innovation.

Our Stats


Since 2002 more than 1750 companies were started in Maryland. Today approximately 550 companies can be found within or affiliated with the more than 25 Innovation Centers within MBIA.

New Jobs

Since 2002, MBIA Member Companies have created more than 12,000 new jobs in Maryland and that number continues to grow each and every day. Incubators foster job creators.


MBIA Members nurture over 550 businesses, from tech companies to biotech, med tech, and green tech, to digital media and cybersecurity companies. The diversity of the businesses within and graduating from our incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces reflect the diversity of resources available to Maryland startups.


The superpower of MBIA is that it brings together Maryland leaders, mentors, and community builders to share ideas and opportunities in an open forum. Maryland has so much to offer our entrepreneurs, but it is sometimes challenging to find the right resources or contacts. MBIA activities help cut through those challenges and promote the sharing that makes our Maryland community stronger.