About MBIA

Our Vision

An expanding ecosystem where innovation thrives in Maryland.

Our Mission

MBIA provides programs and services to Entrepreneurial Support Organizations and all those who accelerate the expansion of innovation and economic development in Maryland. MBIA does this by breaking down barriers and silos, delivering opportunities for entrepreneurs and their supporters, and amplifying the story of innovation in Maryland.

Our Values

  • Diversity and Inclusion - We are a helpful, welcoming group for innovators and their supporters. We believe that a diverse (in every sense) innovation community is a stronger innovation community, and we aim to be thoughtfully supportive to everyone.
  • Collaboration - We value bringing people and organizations together in meaningful ways that sum to greater than their parts. We believe in the power of a more tightly networked innovation community.
  • Focus and Accountability - We value results-oriented work that moves the needle to address specific, collectively-identified important problems and opportunities.
  • Ethics - We represent the innovation community across the State of Maryland and hold MBIA accountable for ethical non-profit business practices.

Driving Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and the Future of Maryland’s Economy

The Maryland Business Innovation Association (MBIA) was founded in 2002 to advance Innovation in Maryland. The Association represents over 40 centers across the state – which include traditional Incubators, Innovation Centers, Accelerators and Coworking Spaces.  As a community, MBIA member organizations provide space and entrepreneurial services in both urban and rural areas. The network supports what entrepreneurs need — from lab space for longer gestating engineering and bio technologies - to incubators, coworking space and accelerator models for technology companies and a myriad of other emerging industry and startup ventures.

MBIA facilitates resources such as grants, strategic connections and unique programming to help entrepreneurial companies within our member network be successful.

Grants include the Maryland Commercialization Impact Grant (MCIG), which provides up to $10,000 for eligible companies at MBIA member centers. The  ultimate goal is to aid the commercialization efforts of promising innovative companies that will propel success and growth in Maryland. More information is available through the leadership teams at MBIA member centers.

Our objectives are focused on promoting the interests of our members and creating an environment to enable our companies to succeed.


Unite Maryland Entrepreneurial Support Organizations behind a common mission to drive innovation and entrepreneurship within the state.


Enhance the visibility of Entrepreneurial Support Organizations among state and local stakeholders, including elected officials, business leaders and higher education leaders.


Advocate for the interests of Entrepreneurial Support Organizations, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs in policy-making and legislation.


Explore new opportunities to better facilitate collaboration to further activity within the innovation ecosystem.