First Cohort Starts F³ Tech Accelerator Program

F³ Tech, administered by the Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center, has commenced the first cohort of its four-month Accelerator Program.  The Accelerator is a rigorous four-month program that prepares startups to launch and commercialize products or services through concentrated mentorship, training, networking, and investment in the industry sector of agriculture and aquaculture technologies.

Five startups have been accepted into the program which started September 5, 2018.  Three of the startups are engaged in agritech, while another two are involved in aquatech.

Biotrophics – is committed to using insects as a sustainable protein in animal feeds through production, genetics, and technology.

Cykloburn Technologies – is in the process of commercialization of IP licensed from Morgan State University that holds the promise of increasing poultry farmers profitability by providing them with a highly efficient system to convert poultry litter to electricity and dry heat for their chicken houses.

HiveLend – connects beekeepers and farmers for crop pollination. Their solution adds liquidity to a fragmented market, reduces logistical burden, and will leverage data to improve the practice of beekeeping.

Urban Algae – is a biotech company that is designing functional algal installations to bring cultivation directly to the consumer. We have designed a solar-powered bioreactor for use in the home and office space. Consumers will have the option to grow various types of algae
inside of this bioreactor, that can efficiently convert indoor CO2 into oxygen and can be consumed for nutrients. By creating elegant algal bioreactors, we can provide the public with a solution to improve their air quality and nutrition all in a attractive and unique home accessory.

VakSea – is solving the viral disease problem in shrimp aquaculture by developing immune boosting proteins that can be delivered in feed using a proprietary insect larvae-based system. VakSea has developed a platform for producing immune-boosting proteins in insect larvae. By feeding these proteins to fish and shrimp in their feed, we can protect the animals from viral diseases. Our proteins are
affordable, easy to deliver, and provide lasting protection. Farmers simply deliver the specialty feed to shrimp to protect them from disease. Our platform can be extended beyond shrimp, to other fish species important in aquaculture and to livestock.