(Video) Aaron Velky talks about delivering financial intelligence

Ortus Academy CEO, Aaron Velky, stopped by Towson University Incubator and talked about the importance of financial intelligence, the Money Club and future of young adults. (Video link: http://bit.ly/2BGaOMZ)

Ortus Academy is a financial intelligence education company, helping young adults develop a healthy relationship with money. They work with families and organizations like schools and after-school programs to deliver online and flipped classroom programs and games that go way beyond financial literacy. Financial literacy typically stops with mechanical education, and Ortus Academy focuses on the emotional and fundamental skill side of money, which has created a following and fanbase that loves their programs, games, and content.

Aaron Velky is the outspoken CEO of the company, and shares his insights on what the Towson Incubator has to offer to Ortus Academy and to other companies that want to grow. The Ortus Academy team is often hosting meetings on site and lending their financial education expertise to other members that are building, growing and planning their own entrepreneurial ventures.

Their flagship course, called Money Club, is now available to parents and organizations at www.ortusacademy.com/money-club